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Kelli Holtman, Gusto Graphic TeesHi, my name is Kelli, and I am a graphic designer/screen printer and co-owner of Gusto Graphic Tees.    

Gusto Graphic Tees was formed out of a need for personal creativity but mostly because I got a BIG PUSH from my Dad, and I am forever grateful. I had been working in the same graphic design job for 12 years, burnt out and feeling uncreative. I wasn’t happy where I was professionally but I also wasn’t taking action, not until I had a vivid dream of my dad, who had recently passed away. In the dream, the message from my Dad was, "Go For The Gusto Kelli, make yourself happy, do what you want to do because life is short!”. So that's what I did, my wife and I took a few screen printing classes and we loved them! They sparked something in me that made me excited and feeling creative again. We made some designs, I mocked them up in photoshop, sent them around to a few stores, I had no idea what I was doing and by a miracle got the best response ever that gave me the ability to quit my job and start screen printing Gusto Graphic Tees as a full-time gig. It’s been almost three  years now, I’ve had a TON of help along the way, I’m still learning every day and still loving the adventure! I’m forever thankful to my Dad for the push that he knew I needed and for all of the support from family and friends, mostly my wife and co-owner Amy.

Right now, I am feeling creative, productive and taking pride in each shirt that I design and hand screen print. So, when you order a t-shirt from us just know that it's one of kind, made with love and that we are forever thankful for your support.

Email or post a picture of you wearing your Gusto Graphic Tee gear wherever in the world you are. We'll add your photo to our upcoming gallery page. Also, if we really like your picture, we'll send you a free t-shirt or hat of your choice. 

Thank you, 


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